Emerald Pool Tour - Hot Waterfall - Kayaking Ao Tha Len

Emerald Pool Tour – Hot Waterfall – Kayaking Ao Tha Len
08.30Pick up from the hotel
09.00Depart from Ao Nang, head to Khlong Thom District, a distance of 45 km, enter Khao Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary, Khlong Thom District, Krabi Province. Arrive at Namtok Ron, play in Namtok Ron, which is a hot waterfall that bubbles up from underground in the forest. Flows through the Rakam forest to the bottom of Saphan Yung Canal. Another miracle, one of Krabi’s Unseen Thailand. Play in a hot waterfall or soak in a hot waterfall at a spa pond. Relax and relax after having enough time. Depart by car to Another destination is heading to the Emerald Pool.
12.30meal break With drinks, fruit, admiring nature, which is the last lowland rainforest in Thailand. After enjoying a delicious lunch, depart for the nature trail with 18 spots to study various types of plants. If you’re lucky, you might see small animals such as black-tailed squirrels. Flying starlings and many different types of birds. Continue to the large pond, which is 25 meters wide, 20 meters long, and approximately 2 meters deep. The water is so clear and clean that you can look down and see the emerald green rock bottom, which is where the name “Emerald Pool” comes from. ”Another amazing scene of Krabi. At this point you can play in the water at your leisure.
13.00Continue your journey to Ao Tha Len.
Kayaking Ao Tha Len

Travel to Tha Len Bay with your trusty kayak on this trip. Head out to paddle a small kayak.

Heading towards a land that is covered only by nature and things that were created along with it.

There are no distractions other than the wind upstream and the animals.

See the beautiful nature of Ao Tha Len with the mangrove forest still spreading its leaves.

Adding more and more abundance to Ao Tha Len. Sometimes there will be various animals.

For example, a group of monkeys come out to greet tourists in a friendly way.

Take a boat ride through the nooks and crannies of the mangrove forest, exploring the sculptures that nature has carefully created.

Many large and small lagoons are waiting for you to be amazed within Ao Tha Len, viewing the canyon strait.

The most beautiful point of Ao Tha Len is the limestone cliffs that surround it all the way.

17.00Return to the hotel.

**The program is subject to change depending on weather conditions and sea conditions**

Tour program price/person



Children 3-11 years


Tour program includes:

  • Transfer from hotel to pier
  • lunch ,  
  • Drinking water-fruit
  • kayaking equipment + life jacket
  • waterproof bag
  • Tourist insurance
  • Guided tour

(not including park fees)

What to bring:

  •  photography equipment
  • swimming suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats and sunglasses
  • towel

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