Kayaking Bo Tho Full Day

Kayaking activity  
See the nature of the mangrove forest that is still rich. Kayaking into the cave Look at the ancient paintings on the cave walls.

Kayaking Bo Tho
08.00Pick up from Krabi town and Khlong Muang
08.30Pick up from Ao Nang area.

Arrive at Bo Tho Pier with a tour guide. Tourist caretaker and kayak equipment

(Sit-On-Top Kayak) ) will take the kayak into the water. Ready to teach paddling techniques

The tour guide will take you on a kayak to see the mangrove forest, Tham Lod, and Tham Phi Hua To.

which is a beautiful place You can also admire the stillness of nature.

Meet the complete ecology of the mangrove forest. and observe their lives

of natural wild animals such as monkeys, hawks, lizards and others.

12.30Enjoy a delicious lunch at the restaurant. (full day tour)
13.30Kayak through caves and admire the beauty of the lagoon.
14.30Return to Bo Tho Pier.
3:00 p.m.Travel from Bo Tho Play in Phu Thara River Enjoy playing in the water. Relax at the clear, cool stream.
16.45Return to the hotel.

**Program and times are subject to change depending on weather conditions**

Tour program price/person


Kayaking + swimmingfull day1,100.-
Kayaking + Elephant Riding Tourfull day1,500
Kayaking + Foodhalf day 950

Children 3-11 years

Kayaking + swimmingfull day900.-
Kayaking + Elephant Riding Tourfull day1,300
Kayaking + Foodhalf day 700

Tour program includes:

  • Hotel Transfer
  • lunch
  • Drinking water-fruit
  • Kayak equipment + life jacket 
  • waterproof bag
  • Tourist insurance
  • Guided tour

(not including park fees)

What to bring:

  •  photography equipment
  • swimming suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats and sunglasses
  • towel

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