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Monday, 26 August 2019
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Phuket city tour and Dolphin show Depart from Krabi
Dolphin No show on Monday)


Tour Program
7.00 Pic up from krabi town
7.30 Pic up from Aonang
11.00 DOLPHIN SHOW & SEAL show ( 1 h )
12.15 Lunch Internation Buffet in the resterant

CHALONG TEMPLE What to See at Wat Chalong Poh Than Jao Wat is one of the
more important Buddhist statues in Wat chalong. It is localted in the westerly old hall of the temple, with two statues of an elderly gentleman called Ta khee-Lek (grandpa khe-lek), a famouse local who won many lotteries after consuting the Poh Than Wat statuse. The pagoda is decorated with wall paintings depicting the Buddha's life story and aloso features various Buddha images. Take your time in the pagoda; it is a breezy, cool location and one which is very popular with visitors to the temple. There is also an air-conditioned 'exhibition home'
of Luang Poh cham which features lifelike human-sized wak models of luang Poh cham, Luang Poh Chang, Luang Poh Gleum, and Luang Pu Thuad along with antique Thai furniture, and Benjarong (Thai porcelain designed in five colours),

14.00 Swiming KARON BEACH Karon Beach is the longest beach in Phuket Island.
There are only low hills separated only above the beach with pine, sea and palm trees are generally lined up. The beach has very finw white sand. It is not popular in swimming. Popular surfers prefer to sunbathe. The beach is mostly relaxing. The beach area is also well equipped. Shopping centers And the shops are in the around abount on the right of the beach. Including nightlifeas well.
15.30 VIEW PIONT Promthep Cave
17.00 Shopping Pornthip Phuket The best of Thailand 's souvenir shop we have a great chance to share smiles, happiness and impression to customer both Thai and foreigners with warm hospitality and more 1000 guality products. All of the handdicraft show in our showroom have been as the the OTOP Premium,hat's mean every products have been choosed to the major contry around the world.
17.40 Return to hotel
19.30-20.00 Arived in hotel

Phuket city tour and Dolphin show Price
Depart from krabi Adult 1,650.-
Child 1,450.-

Tour Includes

*Hotel Transfer *Lunch International Buffet *Tour Guide *Insurance

What to bring:

*Towel *camera *swiming suite *Sun protection




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